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Retreat to nature in the heart of Herefordshire

Immerse yourself in nature and slow down to a gentler pace of life when you join us at Dragon Orchard. Cared for by the family for over 100 years, our idyllic 22-acre orchard lies in the beautiful, rural county of Herefordshire, nestled beneath the Marcle Ridge.

Whether you stay in one of our bespoke, hand-crafted yurts or spacious, self-catered studio apartment, join one of our gatherings, or wish to plan your own celebration, you will find intangible magic in our orchard that will weave through your time here, and leave you feeling more grounded, energised and alive.

We invite you to join us.

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“An invitation to Dragon Orchard is like being welcomed across a threshold into another world...”

Dr. Jess Allen

Cai Yurt decking area in Dragon Orchard



Come and stay in one of our bespoke glamping yurts or studio apartment, and experience the tranquility and restorative energy of the orchard.

Dragon Nest Studio apartment interior with double bed and sofa


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A space to retreat to. A place to be.

Our focus is the creation of a space for people to detach from the hectic pace of modern life, and connect to nature - a 'Dragon Retreat'. We appreciate that the life we lead here, surrounded by trees and immersed in the natural cycle of the seasons, keeps us well in both body and mind - vibrant and energised.


This has become particularly relevant in recent times and Dragon Orchard has become a quiet sanctuary for those in search of peace and tranquility. Simply spending time amongst the trees and finding space in the orchard, gives opportunity for reflection and refreshment. We realised that we had an opportunity to offer what we have to more people to come and stay, to feel the land,  touch the earth, to share and slow down.


We wish to share our connection to the land with you, and hope that you find as much serenity, wellness and vitality here as we do.

Green apples growing on branch of apple tree


Ground. Breathe. Be.


Dragon Orchard has seen many different ways of being, over the past century that it has been in our family.

Each generation has brought its own skills and interests, so that the orchard has slowly evolved. The one constant has been our love of the land and sheer delight of sharing this with others.

Stanier Family at The Big Hug at Dragon Orchard
People enjoying a firepit next to Cai Yurt at nightime under a starry sky at Dragon Orchard


Not your ordinary Glamping experience

"...Dragon Orchard is a wonderful place, whatever the weather or season."

Sir. Ian McKellen (Gandalf)

Wooden ladder resting against apple tree during harvest time at Dragon Orchard

“Even if I knew that tomorrow

the world would go to pieces,

I would still plant my apple tree.”

- Dr. Martin Luther King


Four red apples sat in a row on a wooden apple box
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