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DragonFest Gathering 2020 at Dragon Orchard


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Happenings & Occasions for Celebrating Life at Dragon Orchard


With plenty of outdoor space and ‘The Big Hug', Dragon Orchard is a perfect place to gather and celebrate what is most important in our lives. We host events open to all ages and families, with a focus on connecting to nature and moving the body.


Join us for week retreats of Dancing & Yoga; weekend workshops of Tai Chi Movements (TMW) and Meditation; live music performances or perhaps book your own event. These are just a few of the ways to gather and experience the joy of being together.


Find more information about our upcoming events below.

The power of gathering - joyful faces at Dragon Orchard

"This is the power of gathering; it inspires us, delightfully, to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful: in a word, more alive."

- Alice Waters


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"Memories of Dragon Orchard begin in my toes. Bare feet sinking into mossy grass between laden apple boughs… a fresh Discovery juiced between my teeth, and the scents of earth and apple and plums and pear finding their ways up my nose.  It’s hard to forget the dreamy dappled light tickling my snoozing hammock face. Or the night stars dazzling my eyes. Or trying to balance on my fingers in a flying yoga pose.


The weekend was a perfect mix of time together and time with the trees: breathing, moving, stretching, munching, gathering, partying, and huddling with the fire at night. Dragon’s got heart from the tiniest pip to the outer hedges, and draws in care from miles around. It was a pleasure to be amongst you all, I left thoroughly nourished and revived. Thank you all and looking forward to next time!"

Dr Knowles

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